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On these pages you will find selections from my photography and print art portfolios

Fränkische Schweiz’ takes you on a journey to the unspoilt nature, the mystical hills and winding valleys of Franconia with their mysterious and enchanting caves.

Step into the nostalgia and romantic noir like world to be found in the portfolio 'Paris, Cork, Berlin, Croatia, Hungary, Dublin'

Reach inside and experience a childhood explorer’s spirit at the ‘Rangierbahnhof Tempelhof’ that leads you through the birches and grasses overgrowing the old tracks taking us back and imagine what once was.

Or explore the ‘Irish Landscapes’, based on the photo series ‘Border Country’ with its melancholia to be found on remembering the past.

Included is also a series of 'Print Art' collages created from original photographs.

Also you can find published book titles such as 'Border Country' and 'After Place: Südgelände' In the 'Books' section.

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